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One Minute Retirement Tip with Ashley

Nov 30, 2018

The focus this week is on investing jargon that you should pay attention to in order to make good decisions for your retirement, and today I’m talking about cost basis.

Investopedia defines cost basis as the original value of an asset for tax purposes, usually the purchase price, adjusted for stock splits, dividends

Nov 29, 2018

What fees are you paying in your investment portfolio? There is no such thing as a free lunch in the world of investing, so it’s important to understand the underlying costs of the investments you own, which are captured in the expense ratio.


Expense ratios are the operating expenses of a mutual fund, index fund, or...

Nov 28, 2018

This week I’m demystifying some of the most important financial and investing jargon you should know to help you make smart decisions with your money.

Today, I’m talking yield. Yield is a measure of cash flow that an investor gets on the amount invested in a particular stock, bond, or fund. That’s the basic...

Nov 27, 2018

According to Investodepia, “A benchmark is a standard against which the performance of a security, mutual fund or investment manager can be measured.”

Measuring your portfolio against a benchmark matters, because it gives you a gauge of how well your portfolio is performing, compared to something else - ideally,...

Nov 26, 2018

The last 10-15 working years before retirement are critical for socking away as much as possible, but it presents a challenge because many parents are also helping to pay for college during this time.

Topics covered this week:

  • Whether or not you can get a loan for retirement
  • The return on investment (or ROI) of...